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FREE SRS (Slip Resistant Surface)

With Your Tub Or Shower Stall Reglazing

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Completing The Website Feedback Survey Below!

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What is SRS one might ask? SRS is an invisible textured surface on the bottom of your tub or shower floor. It is 'invisible' as it is applied between the layers during the reglazing process and is integrated into the color and overall finish of the new coating. SRS eliminates the need for unsightly and bacteria laden bathmats and decals, adding a layer of safety for you and your loved ones. Available as an extra option, now being offered for free with this promotion.

Why the free offer? We are coming up on the second anniversary of our new website design and we are gathering feedback on our visitors and their opinions.

Our last website was such a hit, we wanted to make sure that this current design is just as effective, as well as gather some information

on our clients at their own pace and discretion. Basically, we don't want to bother you with surveys so if you feel like participating, you benefit from it too!



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Conditions include but are not limited to (1) website form being filled and sent before scheduling, (2) all required areas being answered with adequate response,

(3) offer applies to one (1) tub or shower stall floor surface in conjunction with scheduled refinishing services. Entrant is responsible for informing technician of

survey application before contract is signed and/or work begins. Offer not valid after time of service if applicant fails to include offer in original contract with

technician approval.

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