Please enjoy some informative company videos mixed in with a little silly humor for your viewing pleasures.

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What is Reglazing?

Approximately two minutes long, this video needs no cc to explain the many advantages of reglazing aka refinishing.

Testing our floor coatings

Our CEO takes a METAL SCREWDRIVER to our Multi-Stone Fleck floor coating and just keeps scratching at it! See the results by hitting play above!

Our paint division showing off again

Although we do offer traditional painting methods, airless spraying is a highly efficient method of painting walls and ceilings, fast! See it above...

A Couple's testimonial on reglazing

This happy couple not only got their old bathroom looking shiny new, but they saved enough money for a fancy intraweb thingy majingy.

Some fun with memes & speed reading!

Just some fun with memes using - Sorry about the low quality on some... Turn up your speakers to hear our catchy jingle!

Take a vacation with the $$$ you can save!

Reglazing saves up to 80% on contractors bathroom remodeling costs. We have better ideas for the money you could save...

only some things from the 70's are cool

Funky roller skate dancing from the 70's is cool, mint green and pink bathrooms are not..

reglazing/ refinishing infomercial

Just a simple video answering some of our most commonly asked service questions.

How to Reglaze a claw foot tub

Almost one minute long, this video shows one of our spray technicians spraying the final layers on a claw foot tub interior.

Our Antique Tub Furniture Promo

Filmed at the 2012 LVBA Spring Home Show for use in their promotional material, our custom antique tub sofa in our booth almost stole the show!

Madam Brit talks about reglazing

If you have a couple of minutes she would make you a cup of tea and keep chatting! Reference to "American Restoration" approved by Kelly Dale.

Nature guy loves reglazing

Reglazing saves your local dump and land fill from needless waste.

Save your fixtures, save money and save the environment at the same time!

college landlord drama averted

These guys reenacted how Dennie's helped them to not get kicked out of their apartment after a contract violation. Great sports!

Einstein talks about reglazing

Smart people know smart things, and reglazing is a smart decision. Even Einstein endorses the service by our company...

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