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It all started in 1961 with some Holly, Holly Golightly that is, from Breakfast at Tiffany's. The movie set design that inspired millions of DIYer's includes the famous claw foot tub sofa. If you are considering converting a tub yourself, we recommend researching as much as you can before commencing. We have repaired DIY client tub conversions due to rough cuts, chipped porcelain, wrong tool damage etc. causing more expense for the over-eager DIYer client/contractor. Another benefit of researching tub conversions, is the ability to see all the different style tub cuts and furnishings that others have made. If you have a tub to convert but are doubting your finishing abilities, contact us and we will custom cut it for you! We also have many early 1900's tubs in stock that we can custom convert for you. Just contact us.

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<<< One of our tub sofa's stole the show

at a Home Show we entered a few years back!

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