UPDATE: As of May 01 2020 Governor Wolf has re-opened some sectors of construction. Our business services are within the scope of the initial re-openings. Q. How is Dennie's Resurfacing LLC helping fight the spread of Coronavirus COVID19 with the new openings?
A. ***Minimal to no-contact services. We work alone in the room and do not require meeting with clients to ensure social distancing is being maintained.
***Drop key service - Clients can hide a key and we can be in and out without any interaction. All employees have passed a criminal background check upon hiring process for your and our, peace of mind and reassurance.
***Face masks are a necessary piece of our equipment, and are standard on every project using our products. Face masks are worn are every project.
***Shoe removal or booties are being worn whenever available to help lessen outside particles entering the property.
***Germicidal spray - We have begun to carry sprays with us so that we can spray surfaces we interacted with, such as countertops and door handles, before we leave your property.
***Recommended precautions - Take comfort knowing that we are very conscious of the current situation and believe in being proactive instead of reactive. Prevention is better than cure.
Q. How can you help?
A. Spraying bathroom surfaces before we arrive should kill most germs and pathogens so that we have less chances of becoming a carrier.


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