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The high quality products that we use are the newest eco friendly and most trusted on the market, as per the guarantee of our major product manufacturers who are responsible for providing coatings for such sectors as the air and space division with NASA, waterparks and amusement parks nationwide among others. They consist of high quality polyurethanes and adhesives with manufacturers boasting that with a professional application, their products can extend the life of fixtures by up to 20 years in some areas with proper care and maintenance. Please refer to the following section for care and maintenance guidelines to stay compliant with our warranty.


Since about 90% of the curing time occurs in the first 24 hours of application, we warranty our finishes using this time frame. Any use of water or products being set on top of newly refinished surfaces within 24 hours is not recommended and will likely damage the new finish. After the 24 hours however, all surfaces can be used as normal, with these guidelines in mind.



Regarding cleaning products, we have seen best results with bleach free, non-abrasive products and cleaning utensils being used. Generally a soft sponge with a non-abrasive solution will do just fine to help increase the lifespan of your finish. Such cleaners are usually sold in a spray or pump form.

  • Tilex
  • Lysol Tile Cleaner
  • Mr. Clean
  • Fantastic

Natural, home made or organic products (such as vinegar) usually are not made of harsh additive or chemicals that will affect the finish and produce a shine that equals that of store bought brand name labels. Regardless of what product is being used, it is always safe to read the manufacturers label to ensure that there is no clear warning about use on refinished surfaces. Products containing bleach will eventually dull the surface as it erodes into any finish over time. The best way to keep your tub clean is to simply wipe it down with a towel after each use. You don't have to wipe it dry, just eliminate or disperse the larger pools. Update 09.06.2018 OxiClean soaks upset the finish.


An avid home maker might want to give their finish an extra shine down the road. Surprisingly, an insider trick for this is by using car wax. Although it is not a car paint that we choose to refinish with, the waxing and buffing combined bring out a beautiful shine in our coatings and ultimately assists with finish durability!


How to care for your newly resurfaced finishes.



Allow 3-4 weeks for any surface dust to dissipate with normal cleaning and usage. Try to refrain from picking at the finish with your fingers or abrasives. Waxing with a urethane polish such as Turtle Wax also helps.


It is advisable to purchase a shower rack or shelf as with any bathtub or shower, to hold any soaps, sponges, cloths or bottles. Hand/bar soaps are not recommended for use on surfaces due to their residue dulling action over time.


DO NOT use abrasives such as razors on the finish or wash standing animals with nails on the finish.


DO NOT use bath mats with suction cups underneath as they may pull at the finish and trap moisture.


NEVER let a leaky faucet go unrepaired! As with any surface, over time the water leakage can cause stains, flaking and even rust.


NEVER use bathtub or other glazed surfaces to clean brushes or any painting related chemicals or materials. Keep harsh chemicals away from all resurfaced finishes and never clean or store sharp or abrasive items on the surface.


NEVER let workers stand in a resurfaced tub with their shoes on. Have them remove shoes & put a soft towel down.


Failure to follow the above instructions may will void warranty.


Dennie's Resurfacing LLC reserves the right to void warranty coverage at any time following inspection of surface and/ or area and/or receipt of information from trusted individual(s) regarding the maintenance and/or treatment of the surface. In some cases, extra fees may and will be charged for repairs to surface damage, as will be discussed with and agreed to by client, prior to performing the work, with the balance due upon work completion by technician.

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