Tub Safety Conversions


Convert An Existing Tub, in Place, in Hours.

  • Up to 80% less the cost of other bathtub safety options.
  • Ready in just hours, conversions provide a very low down time out of the bathroom.
  • Step through insert significantly decrease the chances of accidents in the bathtub.
  • Bathtub safety inserts promote independent living and increased personal hygiene.
  • Inserts are designed to sit above floor level to minimize overflow and flooding risks from slow draining bath drains.
  • Different size inserts are available for client needs.
  • Amazing transformation of an existing tub, customized to each bathroom layout.
  • Custom removable siding options available which keep the function of the bathtub.
  • Fully reversible. Save the original tub siding and we can replace it like it was never removed!

Existing bathtub modified with safety siding insert                  


Affordable Peace of Mind for You or Your Loved One




The Process

1. Fiberglass, steel and cast iron bathtubs can be professionally modified.

2. A custom cut is positioned relative to bathroom layout and accessibility.

3. The custom safety insert is installed and water proofed.


Removable Siding Option


Keep your soaking bubble baths with a removable siding cap! Easily clamped in place for a waterproof seal, the siding cap insert helps maintain the function of the bathtub for optimal use.

   1. Bathtub with a safety insert installed.

2. Siding cap installed and clamped in place. 

  3. Fill the tub with water and enjoy your bath!


Fantastic, less expensive safety options, creating independence for you or your loved one.

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