Antique & Vintage Sink Restoration


Custom Sink Restorations. 

  • In-home and drop-off services available
  • Interior and exterior restoration options
  • Solid colors, two-tone and custom artwork options
  • A beautiful piece of history in your home




 The Process


Congratulations on securing your piece of American history and design! Your sink likely dates from between 1880 and 1965, how incredible! We offer different options to proceed with the sink restoration process, dependent upon some factors mentioned below.


1. Interior restoration


Interior sink restorations are possible in almost all cases, both installed in place and for drop-offs. Where possible, plumbing fixtures are removed, otherwise they are protected with tape. The new finish for interior restorations extends from upper outer edge to edge. The underside of the sink is not restored. 


2. Interior and exterior restoration


As well as interior restoration services, the underside and/or outside of the sink is restored. Depending on the condition and style of the sink, the under/outside may require sandblasting before custom finish and colors are applied. Any chipping, peeling or flaking exterior paint is a health hazard and should not be disturbed to risk lead-based paint particles becoming airborne. Restoration time is dependent upon scheduling and current orders. Contact us to schedule your drop off.



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