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We create beautiful durable finishes on outdated bathroom fixtures, saving property owners thousands of dollars over the costs of replacement.  Reglazing has a low downtime, with most projects being completed within one day, sometimes within just hours. We offer a textured non-slip surface on bathtubs and shower pans for increased safety while showering. Our products and workmanship have been backed by our 5 year warranty since 2010 for client peace of mind. The updated shiny surfaces immediately increase property value, giving clients comfort in their decision to choose reglazing. 


The Affordable Solution for Home and Property Updates.



Ready in Hours, Lasts for Years.


Depending on the scope of the project, most updates take less than a day to complete. The new finish will be ready for use just 24 hours after application. Our products are sold only to licensed refinishers and cannot be replicated by those found in home stores. We advise against caulking any edges when the new finish is still wet as the silicone will adhere to the new finish. The silicone will likely fail and turn moldy within a few years and can be easily removed for replacement if it was adhered to a solid surface. 






We Offer the Best 5 Year Warranty in PA since 2010.


When it comes to the fine print, you get peace of mind

from a respected leading company.




Increase property value immediately.


Eliminating bright outdated colors and replacing them with shiny neutral colors immediately increases property appeal and value. Bright white is our most common request, but we have many off-white neutral colors such as almond and bisque to match any plan or decor. Most permanent fixtures in the bathroom can be reglazed, which increases property value for a small fractional investment. 





We reglaze kitchen sinks too!


The same coating we use for bathroom porcelain is durable enough for use on kitchen sinks. We have sprayed all colors of sinks, from whites, to purple, to black. Ideally we will remove the existing plumbing, however if the faucet and drain are not easily removable, we will cover them to reglaze the sink, as seen in the image. As we are not licensed plumbers, we cannot deal with the issues that might arise from forcing plumbing work. Whether your porcelain has lost its shine, or you want a change of color, reglazing can help your tired looking sink and make it shine again. 




"Really nice job - can't see where repair was made."

                                                                Meredith S., East Brunswick NJ



 Corner Shelf Installation



"Put this on your web site as a service you offer. It will make the difference between choosing you rather than another re-finisher."
Lorenzo D., Quakertown PA

(Thanks Lorenzo, we did just that!)


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