multi-stone fleck finishes

Q. What are they?

A. Granite simulation HVLP spray finishes for any surface - countertops, tiles, tubs, floors... are both durable and virtually odorless, due to their water-based composition. Covering tile and grout, refinishing creates a uniform sanitary and waterproof finish, so that grout lines, formica laminate edges and seals are not an issue.


Finish Options

1. Textures

Available for both residential and commercial properties in varying textures - heavy duty pool side texture, medium grade texture and residential bathing texture available

2. Finish

Different finishes are available for our Multi-Stone Fleck line. Clients choose from smooth satin or gloss finishes. 

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Of course these finishes can differ on different screens and angles, but we hope you can see the finishes well. Each finished piece (countertop, tile etc.) is its own creation, as each and every fleck sprayed out of the spray gun lands in its own place on the surface. The flecks then settle into the pigment, and the clear coat protects the colors below with the shine of your choice.


Our technicians each have a sample tile case so that you can see and feel the various options for your surfaces. Contact us if you see a finish you like and would like to know more. Multi-Stone Fleck finishes are charged per square foot, with options for textured, smooth, matte or gloss. Custom finishes require a deposit for all orders, with total taken into account at final balance.




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