Original Antique Claw Foot Tubs

We love them! If you are here, then you do too! We love their history - from design and manufacture by our fore fathers, to installation and enjoyment by their users. We love salvaging them, enabling others to enjoy a high class cast iron bathing experience with a piece of history in their home.


Each bathtub is unique, with it's own unique flaws from the casting processes at the time. Each user is also unique, and so we offer custom bathtub styles, from classic white on white - on white (exterior, interior, feet), to solid colors and oil-rubbed bronze feet, to intricate custom designs on the tub exterior with detailed feet.


Tub sizes on offer depend on current inventory, but we typically have sizes ranging from 4ft-6ft, with most options on the 5ft bathtubs, being the majority of our tub inventory.


A cool option to note is that we can cover the existing tub plumbing holes (the 3 holes on the side of the tub). This means the user is not limited to just tub wall-mount faucets, and opens all kinds of options for faucet design and tub placement, especially if clients are in remodeling stages and can move plumbing around too.


Whatever your style, whatever your budget, we hope we have the bathtub to suit you and your home.


Please contact us for a tour or send a pic of a similar item you are searching for, and we can let you know if we have something in stock.

Apologies on the upheaval as we re-locate to a larger premises.


Look at us! Moving to a larger location soon, but still taking tour appointments if you don't mind stepping over a few things...

Call/text 484.554.1807 to choose your piece of history!

Psst! We also have a very knowledgeable source of claw foot tub manufacturing company history if you would like to know more about your tub. Just contact us with a picture of the underside of the tub and we would love to share our wisdom with you. Keep the history alive!

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