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Did we mention that we love antiques? Tubs and sinks in particular, but we do sometimes come across some cool and unique items that we cannot pass by that end up in our warehouse. Located in Bethlehem in Eastern PA, we acquire items from our surrounding area in a variety of methods; clients, contractors, scrappers, individuals and good old fashioned American picking.


We started looking into tubs a few years back, and it turns out, there is a lot more to them than one might expect. The history of the original tub manufacturers is so interesting and vast that what started out as notes became practically a book! If you have a tub and are wondering about it's history, we should be able to help you out. Just contact us for more info.


Sinks on the other hand, or lavatories and wash basins as they were then known, were in much higher a demand than tubs, with small companies popping up regularly on the East coast and then spreading Westward to fulfill the demand for the structures of the New World. There were so many sink manufacturers from the late 1800's to the early 1900's that popped up and either succeed or flopped that it is unclear how many there actually were at most points. We carry a variety of sink styles from Victorian to Art Deco to vintage retro by many manufacturing companies, because some are just too cool, beautiful or full of character to pass by.


We have a limited number of items on ebay that were listed, but it is not updated with current inventory due to walk-ins and tours affecting availability. Click the Ebay link or just click here, to take you to our Ebay seller page so that you can see items currently listed.

are you nearby?

We encourage those within driving distance to make an appointment to see all those items that are not listed online or to see any item they might be interested in, in person. Cut out delivery and shipping costs also by collecting items yourself.


Do I hear road trip...?

Open Monday through Friday 9-5pm by appointment, or outside those hours if your hours are the same as ours...

we need space!

At times our warehouse is so full that we have items in the walkway and we are currently looking for a larger space. If you know of a 4000sq.ft+ space nearby we would love to hear from you! Thanks! :)

Feeling duped there's no inventory here?

We apologize if you wanted to see our inventory on our site but trust us, this way is better! We have items come and go so often that most do not even make it online. We would hate to list some items on our website only to have them sold at any time on Ebay without your knowledge. Anything that is sold from our warehouse is removed from our Ebay seller page in a timely manner (automatically if sold through Ebay) but it is not always as fast on the web design side. A central hub for sales is best for everyone. So for this reason of your security, we have no possibly outdated or duplicated items listed here.

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