Custom Claw Foot Tub Restorations

Custom Claw Foot Tub Restorations, Copyright of Dennie's Resurfacing LLC, Bethlehem PA.
Custom Claw Foot Tub Restorations, Copyright of Dennie's Resurfacing LLC, Bethlehem PA.


Custom Claw Foot Tub Restorations.


  • Bring us yours or choose from one of ours.
  • All tub restorations are custom projects, done by hand, without decals or mass production.
  • Opt for solid colors or go a little more lavish with some artwork on the exterior.
  • Work with our artist and have the only one in the world for your bathroom!

 Start imagining your dream bathroom.




Goldleaf pinstripe filigree
Custom Claw Foot Tub Restorations, Copyright of Dennie's Resuracing LLC Bethlehem PA.


The Process


Congratulations on securing your piece of American steel history and design! Your tub likely dates from between 1890 and 1945, how cool! Depending on the condition of your bathtub, there are two ways to proceed with the restoration process. 


1. Good condition tubs


If the bathtub exterior paint or coating is solid and in good condition, and the interior of the tub does not require repairs, the tub interior can be restored in place. There is no need to remove the tub for interior restoration. Simply contact us to get scheduled in and the restoration work should only take a few hours. 


2. Bad condition tubs 


Due to the fact that up to 90% of US home fixtures older than 1940 contain lead paint, many antique bathtubs cannot be restored in place. Any chipping, peeling or flaking exterior paint is a health hazard and should not be disturbed to risk becoming airborne particles. Instead, the tub exterior should be wrapped in plastic and the tub should be taken to a sand blasting facility for professional paint and rust removal. We help clients organize this step before we apply any custom finishes to the tub. Restoration time is dependent upon scheduling and current orders. Contact us to schedule your drop off.


                      Before                                                After



Some custom claw foot tub artwork projects


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